Big Dog Pawn: Rolex Watches

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Watches

Rolex watches are a great investment. They hold their value well. When you are tight on cash is great pawn shop collateral. We have people come in all the time asking us to tell them if the Rolex they have is real. It can be a tricky thing to buy on the private market. We have seen a lot of great replicas come in the store over the years. When someone first brings in a Rolex we like to use a three mistake test. First, we look at the crystal face to determine if there are any scratches or cracks. It is very difficult to scratch or chip a sapphire crystal. Next, we grab a 10x loupe and look at the lettering on the face of the Rolex. On a high end watch you should expect all of the lettering to be crisp and clean. You will not see uneven spacing, letters that are fuzzy or with over spray. Finally, we look to make sure that the watch is keeping good time. It should have a smooth running second hand. If you check all of these categories and there are mistakes in all three categories you can almost guarantee that the watch is a fake. High end watches are very expensive. You would not expect to see a watch with problems or mistakes. It should have a gorgeous look and a good weight to it. You can do all of these tests on your watch. If you think that your watch passes all of these test bring it by the store and we can check it out further for you. Don’t just use these test as a guarantee that a watch is authentic. There are a lot of other things we check on it’s just a great place to start. Be careful buying a watch online, prices that are too good to be true are probably just that. A pawnshop is a great place to check out if you are interested in investing in a high end watch but don’t want to pay the designer prices. We stand behind the watches that we sale. We guarantee they are authentic!


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