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by | Aug 31, 2021 | Coins

Lately at Big Dog Pawn we have been studying unique coins and paper money. We see a lot of it come in the store but, it always feels like there is more to learn. It was really neat to see a $5 bill come in the store that is blank on one side. This is considered a blank back error note. It usually happens when two sheets are fed into a printing press at the same time. Usually the mint catches their error and they never make it out into circulation. This makes them very valuable to collectors. At first when we saw the bill we thought it was fake. It took quite a bit of research to make sure that we were not selling counterfeit money. We also see a lot of mint error coins. These are coins that have an error occur in the minting process. It takes an incredible amount of knowledge to be able to deal in error coins.

According to the papermoneyguide “Mint error coins can be the result of deterioration of the minting equipment, accidents or malfunctions during the minting process, or intentional interventions by mint personnel.  Accidental error coins are perhaps the most numerous and in modern minting are usually very rare, making them valuable.” Right now we have a penny for sale that is 75{5b521382919e004d4546e8f6cf8b48714f55f6a902fbce4ad8d8706a1e4a28e2} off center. The coin kind of looks like a figure 8. It was amazing to see that an error like that could make it around the world all these years and then come into Big Dog Pawn. If you are interested in coins come by and see some of the unique ones we are putting have in our case. With the silver market at $16.43 an OZ it’s a great time to start coin collecting. We are happy to answer all your questions of how to get started.


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