General Merchandise

We Buy & Sell General Merchandise

Here’s a little scoop for you! Big Dog Pawn not only deals with high-end handbags, watches, firearms, or jewelry. We also buy and sell anything with value. As in ANYTHING! You got tools? Bring them over. You got electronic devices or gadgets? We’ll give you cash for that. Not only that! We are your one-stop-shop for basically everything. We want to help you and this is what we can do for you. Start a one-of-a-kind pawning experience at Big Dog Pawn.

Musical Instruments

Don’t let those good old musical instruments sit in the dust. We BUY different kinds of musical instruments of all brands and bring home cash INSTANTLY! Or if you’re looking to buy to complete your band, we have a vast selection of musical instruments for you! Here are just some of the instruments from our list:





And Many More

Art & Collectibles

If you are a collector and have been looking around to add some to your collection, check out our store and see for yourself what you have been missing! You can guarantee the authenticity of what you are buying and the satisfaction of completing your collection. Oh, and don’t forget! You can also sell your collectibles and share the same experience plus EXTRA cash for you. The list below is just some of them:

Signed Jerseys

Celebrity Autographs

Art Pieces

Glass or Pottery

And Many More

Coins & Paper Money


Instead of letting your old coins and paper money wear inside the can or your coin bank, find out how much they’re worth by going to the nearest Big Dog Pawn. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll get by selling them. For the collectors out there, don’t look anywhere else! We sell a huge array of coins and paper money to complete your collection. To name a few: 

Collectible Coins

Collectible Dollar Bills

Silver Coins

And Many More

Your Source for Fast Cash

Head out to the nearest store and bring along anything of value and we will convert it into CASH for you. 


One of our fast-moving items is our electronic devices. As long as it meets the condition, we’ll accept them! How can we say no to you? We generally buy and sell the list of electronic devices below:

Laptops / Computers



Xbox / Playstation

And Many More

Games, Toys & Hobbies

Good quality games and toys can provide so much fun and entertainment. Here at Big Dog Pawn, we offer a wide selection for ALL ages. Young, young at heart, collectors, gamers…You name it. We got you! And don’t forget we buy these items, too. Come on in with your items and get out with INSTANT cash. Call us and you might find what you’re looking for.

Diecast & Toy Vehicles

Collectible Dolls

Vintage & Antique Toys

Comic Books

And Many More


Planning your first DIY? You know sometimes finding the right tools can be crucial in making your first DIY project. So before heading out to a tool shop, take a look at what Big Dog Pawn has to offer. You’ll surely get what you need at a very low price. Oh! By the way, you can also convert those tools hanging in the garage for extra CASH before they get rusty and old. Don’t be a stranger! Come visit us to find out more.

Air Tools

Drills & Drivers


Lawn & Garden Tools

And Many More