Gold, Silver & Coins

We Buy & Sell Gold, Silver & Coins

Can you make money by selling your gold, silver, or coins? You sure can! These precious metals are one way of making money and are generally a good investment when you buy them also at Big Dog Pawn. We make sure you get the best price! Bring in your pieces and we will happily assess them for you as well.

Best Place To Buy & Sell Silver

Don’t wander anywhere else! Big Dog Pawn is the perfect place to deal with your silver and coins. We buy and sell silver nuggets, bullion, and even jewelry. Come to the nearest Big Dog Pawn location near you and we’ll take care of you and your precious Silver.

Gold Buyers!

Gold is an investment worth considering and Big Dog Pawn is a reputable store you can trust to do business with. Some say your gold may be illiquid but if you bring them to us, you’ll get the best price. No sweat! You can also buy gold nuggets and bullions from any of our stores and know that these pieces went through extensive testing for authenticity.

Collectible Coins

Whether you are a hobbyist collecting coins or trying to make some money in your free time, Big Dog Pawn is your go-to place for all things coins. We buy and sell rare, authentic, and graded coins. Don’t miss the chance of finding the missing piece in your collection. Head out to one of our stores NOW!