About Us

A journey that started Since 1999

Since 1999 we have strived to be a different style pawnshop with a fun, friendly atmosphere. At Big Dog, we don’t charge for lost tickets or late payment fees. We are the kind of shop that keeps the customer in mind. We understand our customers are an integral part of Big Dog Pawn and why we are open late: 9am-9pm, 7 days a week.

A bit more about us !

Big Dog Pawn has been providing loans ranging from $250-$10,000 since 1999 with customer service in mind. We offer short-term cash loans 7 days a week until 9pm. All loans can be set up with text messaging reminders so you never forget when you’re due. Our number one goal is to have outstanding customer service at all times. Know that you can count on us to be here when you need us.

Your Source For Fast Cash

Head out to the nearest store and bring along anything of value and we’ll convert it into CASH for you!

Meet Our Team Members