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Wondering what you can get a loan on?
Need some ideas?

Pawn Loan or Sell Any Jewelry!

Big Dog offers confidential renewable loans on your fine jewelry & watches.
Big Dog also pays top dollar for broken and unwanted jewelry that hasn’t been worn in years. As the price of these materials increase in value the more we are able to pay you!

Purchase Jewelry

Did you know the big retailers mark their jewelry up 70% and higher? Check out Big Dog for extreme savings on your next jewelry purchase. Never overpay for a piece of jewelry again. Stop by Big Dog Pawn FIRST!

Purchase Fire Arms

Looking to add to your collection? Big Dog Pawn has a great selection of used Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns. Make sure you NEVER pay Retail prices again! Remember We are OPEN LATE until 9pm for all your needs!

Pawn Loan Your Firearms!

Need some fast cash? Need a Loan? Have a Firearm that is in good condition? Big Dog Pawn is the answer! We are open late to ensure you’re able to receive the funds when you need them!



Okay, You can’t Pawn anything… but, the list of things you can pawn is Massive! If you have anything that is Awesome with saleable value, make sure you bring it to Big Dog Pawn! Our knowledgeable staff will help you get TOP dollar for it! Need Ideas on what you can pawn? Click the button below!


Big Dog has more AWESOME things than you can imagine! If you have never stopped by then you are missing out on big savings! Big Dog Pawn has hundreds of high quality items at discount prices! Don’t miss out with our 10-10-10 LAYAWAY program. Big Dog offers LAYAWAY at 10% Down 10% a Month for 10 months. Stop by Big Dog FIRST! We are open late!



Yes this is a pawn shop, no it does not feel like a pawn shop. These people are stand up and honest. They also stand by your purchase which is almost unheard of at pawn shops. I mostly buy electronics and music equipment and the piece of mind knowing if something isn’t right with my purchase I can bring it back is a huge advantage! Really like giving these people my business. .

Lorena Alderete

Definitely different from any other Pawn shop. As soon as you walk in they greet with the most absolute kindness. They dont try to rush you into buying. Will definitely be going back.

Tiffiny Roy

Great prices! Awesome customer service! Good quality items!!! Caden was great to work with!

Open Late

9AM - 9PM Open Sundays

9361 South Redwood Road, West Jordan UT

Open Late

9AM - 9PM Closed On Sundays

6610 So. State St. Murray, UT


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Latest News

What is the coolest thing you have ever loaned on?

One of the first questions I get asked when people find out that I am a pawnbroker is “What is the coolest thing you have ever loaned on?”. Surprisingly enough that question can be really difficult to answer. To me seeing an antique sword from WWI with a bullet hole...

Big Dog Pawn: Coins

Lately at Big Dog Pawn we have been studying unique coins and paper money. We see a lot of it come in the store but, it always feels like there is more to learn. It was really neat to see a $5 bill come in the store that is blank on one side. This is considered a...

Big Dog Pawn: Rolex Watches

Rolex watches are a great investment. They hold their value well. When you are tight on cash is great pawn shop collateral. We have people come in all the time asking us to tell them if the Rolex they have is real. It can be a tricky thing to buy on the private...

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